Union Cemetery, Hellertown, PA

Watertown Cremation Products is pleased to present to you information regarding a columbarium that we constructed at the Union Cemetery in Hellertown, PA.

The cemetery realized that the increase in the cremation rate is going to get larger every year and that they needed to do something to attract those families that will choose cremation as their preference of burial.

The cemetery board also realized that they needed a new source of revenue to replace that which was being lost due to the decrease in the purchase of graves and opening service charges.

Taking this into account the cemetery hired the landscape architecture firm Grever & Ward to design a complete cremation garden area.

Grever & Ward developed a plan that provides for both in ground plots for cremated remains as well as a 128 niche columbarium.

The columbarium was designed in a circular shape and broken up into two equal sections. The circular shape gets away from the look of one long straight wall of niches and does a nice job of creating a focal point for the entire section.

Some features that make the project unique and add a nice touch are the stamped concrete walkways that were colored to blend in with the masonry finish. Natural blue stone was used for a cap stone instead of polished granite and both the end and back walls were finished using natural quarry stone.

From an end users perspective the bottom row of niches is elevated 18 inches off the ground to make it easier for those people to memorialize there loved ones.

This project provides a good example of how a well thought out plan has prepared this cemetery for the permanent change in the publicís choice of cremation.