All About Watertown Cremation Products

Watertown Cremation Products is the Northeast largest supplier of both custom and pre-assembled cremation columbaria.

We are able to provide you with every service that is needed to make the construction and installation of your columbarium a success.

Watertown Cremation Products is an affiliate of Watertown Engineering Corp. which is one of the largest burial vault companies in the Northeast. Watertown Engineering Corp. has been in business for 50 years and is family owned and managed by the third generation of family members.

Watertown Cremation Products will work with you to find the right columbarium for your cemetery. We will help you determine what size columbarium you need and how to best meet that need with either a pre-assembled or custom built columbarium.

Watertown Cremation Products has the experience that is needed to make your columbarium project a success. We take great pride in our work and our relationships with our customers.